Tip #51: Start Talking To Strangers

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A sense of paranoia was instilled in me at a pretty young age; that someone looking in on my life from the outside was dangerous.

Little did I know that a stranger would end up becoming a good friend. Ironic.

And that’s what happens when you listen to someone else’s fear in life & let it make an impression upon you. That fear will end up making its very home at the heart of your dreams & it’ll open its front door when you dare to dream.

I’m now happy to say that I was broken of that crippling fear, but it wasn’t until I was an adult.

Until it was broken that fear stifled me. You see, my family & I had problems growing up because we were blended. And we liked to keep our problems private, like any typical good old ‘American’ family.

That is until our façade started to crack & people within our church could see our disconnect. So we had a third party intervene.

Some might call said third party a therapist or a stranger. But to me that person was one of my only friends.

They looked in at our lives through an unbiased lens & saw things for what they really were without any of our preconceived notions clouding that stranger’s judgment.

To me, I learned early on that sometimes you need that stranger. You need that person who knows absolutely nothing about you to tell you the very thing you need to hear.

As a life coach, strangers are now my livelihood. And I’m a stranger to them to. Clients come to me, entrusting me with their deepest problems & concerns which I greatly respect & appreciate, without really knowing me.

But they believe that I can help get them to where they want to go, just like I trusted that third party to help me.

To me that stranger was a person who believed in me; who saw the positive attributes in me when everyone else just saw negative things. More than anything, I’ve always wanted to be a voice like that for someone else.

I wanted to be a support system for someone, a stranger, who had no one else to turn to in this world. To be that encouraging voice when no one else believed in them.

So there’s a lesson to be learned in this because the best connections I’ve ever made are with strangers. I love getting the opportunity to work with amazing individuals that are also strangers to me, but together we start off on a clean slate.

Fresh from our past experiences & life choices, we come together to create a connection unlike any other. And it’s built on trust, accountability & a little bit of faith.

In business and in life ‘Stranger Danger’ no longer applies.

Tip #51 for working with heart – start talking to strangers. 

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3 Responses to “Tip #51: Start Talking To Strangers”

  1. Pura Vida Nick
    November 20, 2013 at 4:10 pm #

    I love your tip to start talking to strangers. It’s scary at first and can be uncomfortable. But I truly believe we grow by facing our fears and moving into the unknown. Every time we do what we think we cannot do, or even what we don’t want to do, we grow. It becomes a little easier next time. I love getting to know new people. I usually try to find something we have in common and work from that – if we went to the same school, or from the same state, or even if I know someone from their city I can work with that! (I’m a natural introvert so striking up converations with strangers never came easy, but I had to push myself).

  2. Diane Pauley
    November 20, 2013 at 5:53 pm #

    Thank you so much for commenting Pura!

    Wow, I just want to commend you for being an *introvert* & really pushing past your boundaries.

    I completely agree with you that we do grow when we push past the fears in life & move into the unknown. The scariest thing about that is that we don’t know what’s going to happen, so we think the worst…but it doesn’t have to be that way.

    All it takes is a little trust & faith, and you’re a shining example of that. I love how you find common ground to connect with people.

    So glad this tip could be of service to you!

  3. Stu
    November 27, 2013 at 4:28 pm #

    Everyone has a story. You’d be surprised how many “strangers” are interested in yours. Great advice! … wrapped around a societal no-no.


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