Tip #42: Give More Than You Get

Our final tip in a glorious week of guest awesomepreneurs comes from Amanda Abella of Grad Meets World.  Amanda is a freelance writer and coach for millenials who want to lead kickass lives (yes, please!) and help others do the same (pretty please!). How does she do it? It’s all about the FIRE formula:

Fierce self awareness + acceptance

Ignite the body

Refuel mind + soul

Elevate your life

Thatz hot. And so is Amanda’s tip, which I couldn’t love more if I tried. For more hot tips, posts, and videos, say hello to Amanda at GradMeetsWorld.org.

Amanda’s Awesome Tip
For Working With Heart:

Give more than you get.

Ah, the sweet sounds of heartwork in the morning. I can hear the fire a’cracklin’. (And I also hear this. Any other millenial Garth Brooks fans in the house…? Anyone? Hello…?) Thank you, Amanda!

Tip #42 for working with heart – give more than you get.

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Awesomepreneur - Tip #41 for working with heart: give more than you get, Amanda Abella

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