Tip #40: Don’t Let Comparisons Steal Your Joy

Today’s tip comes from (not) just another hardworking chick: Bridget Kuglin of Sweet B Designs. (See her adorable logo to complete the pun.)

Sweet B Designs is the perfect example of heartwork-in-action: Bridget blends art + strategy + communication to do what she loves (make mad pretty things) so her clients can keep doing what they love (make a mad good living). The results are graphic design, branding, and marketing services sweetly tailored to small businesses. See for yourself.

Bridget’s Awesome Tip For Working With Heart:

Life is a project! Your BUSINESS is a project! Don’t get down on yourself for making mistakes because THOSE mistakes are what will make you better. If you can learn from them and improve yourself, then that’s all you need.

It can be intimidating to see someone you admire and think, “How am I ever going to be that good/successful/talented?” Remember that they were once EXACTLY where you are. They weren’t born successful, they had to work for it.  In other words, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Do what you can and be happy with what you do. Don’t compare, just put your nose down and drive yourself forward. Always be driving yourself forward. Which goes back to my mantra that “Life is a project.”

Recognize that what seems like a downfall is really a lesson to be learned and a chance to improve in your life and your business.

Tip #40 for working with heart – don’t let comparisons steal your joy.

Awesomepreneur - Tip #40: Don't let comparisons steal your joy
Photo credit: Bridges and Balloons

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