Tip #37: SMART Work = Heartwork

All week, 365 Awesome Tips For Working With Heart are brought to you by our RKA ink Facebook Giveaway finalists. Today’s tip comes from Drew Weaver, who I like to think of as a business magician. Drew’s heartwork is all about helping individuals unleash their personal and business potential. Like I said, he makes the magic happen!

Watch Drew pull a rabbit out of his hat with Tip #37:

Drew’s Awesome Tip For Working With Heart:

In your life, which statement rings true?
1) “I don’t have time for [?]“, or
2) “I choose not to make time for [?]”

In order to be awesome, in all of the wonderful and exciting ways we can be, we need to understand that often the answer is #2.  By moving away from #1 (excuse) to #2 (personal accountability) we can start ensuring we make time (or more time) for our Heartwork.  Here are a few ideas to plan for success and help you find some precious time (that you didn’t have):

  • Set specific goals. Whether you set goals for time spent or tasks accomplished, make sure you set them.  SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reasonable, Timely) are the most effective.  Pay extra attention to “Reasonable” when first starting out, as life tends to get in the way of unrealistic goals.  For larger projects or complex tasks look to break them down into smaller pieces and set SMART goals for the smaller pieces.  Use reminders that work for you (post-its, smart phone apps, alarms, task trackers, etc.) and experiment with the mix that keeps you on track but isn’t cumbersome to manage.
  • Plan for success.  Be realistic about how long it will really take, and also include time to prep and clean-up.  Some advanced planning and preparation can mean the difference between “project completed” and “yet another partially completed project.”
  • Be accountable.  You are the captain of your ship, and the master of your fate.  If you make promises to yourself, then do everything you can to keep them.  Sometimes being accountable to someone else helps with motivation, so tell a friend your intent on completing the task or project and plan to let them know when you are done.

Empower yourself through SMART goals, a little planning, and always delivering on your promises to create a powerful new statement:

3) “I make time for [my Heartwork], and it makes all the difference!”

Tip #37 for working with heart – set specific goals, plan for success, be accountable.

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Awesomepreneur - Tip #37: Set specific goals, plan for success, be accountable - Drew Weaver

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  1. kimleamermaleski
    February 5, 2013 at 6:05 pm #

    Wonderful tips on how to work with heart!

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