Tip #30: Pick Your Word of the Day, Put It to Work

Yes. I’m Facebook chatting while I write this tip.

Hold on a sec–I’m blinking.

Okay. I’m back.

Sometimes I get so excited about an idea, I have to act on it, um, now. (That’s the Activator in me.) On the road, I carry a notebook with me at all times. I feel naked without it.

Today, my blog is my notebook.

While chatting with a few friends (one in California, the other in Mexico, making a nice little triangle with Germany) I noticed a venn diagram forming between our two conversations. Talking with one friend about his roommate troubles, I suggest that his roomie might be feeling crummy for treating him so poorly and not know how to rectify the situation; in the other window, I listen as my other friend shares a story about being ignored in public while having a medical emergency.

Friend #1 says: I like to think I can separate fantasy from reality, but that’s a nice fantasy…your glass is half full, right?

Me: “Actually I have a tendency to be quite negative/cynical/realistic, but it doesn’t always help me so I try to be positive. I mean I’d say compassionate. I try to assume that everyone has human reasons for what they do…that they want to be better and are blocked…”

Meanwhile, on my other chat screen, Friend #2 unknowingly leapfrogs my compass-ittude, reflects on the woman in the coffee shop who ignored her emergency, and writes: “I think that woman who works at the coffee shop was a) in a bad mood today and b) didn’t understand what was happening.”

“Yeah and yeah.” I reply. “Good way to show compassion even though it sucks.”

Compassion, I think to myself, feeling the word in the keys under my fingers. That’s my word of the day. I’m going to infuse this day with compassion.

I am meditating (er, medi-chatting) on compassion as I work, turning it over in my mind, examining its texture, admiring its colors. (Like my literary hero Vladimir Nabokov, my brain thinks of letters, words, and days of the week in different shades and colors.) Compassion comes out like a chameleon: shifting from rose petal pink to lavender and lilac. It is smooth like butter and it begins to drip all over the other words in my head, making everything heart-colored.

Oooh. This is good stuff. I have to write about this now.

And here we are.

I’m digging my word of the day so much I think I might have to choose one again tomorrow. And the next day. And maybe the day after that. I love feeling the word trickle down into the rest of my thoughts, shaping my work (and my chats) and creating a sunset effect in my head.

Plus, you simply can’t go wrong with a little extra compassion.

Awesomepreneur - Tip #30: Pick your word of the day, put it to work

Tip #30 for working with heart – pick your word of the day, put it to work.


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