Tip #28: Beg, Borrow, Steal (Then Write Your Manifesto)

I opened up my inbox today to find a plea from Jeff Goins that I steal from him. Immediately.

Awesomepreneur - The Artist's Manifesto

Done. Above is Jeff’s gorgeous manifesto, brought to life by his friend Mandy, a mixed media artist. (Bonus: Jeff is begging you to steal the web copy but you can also buy a print copy from Mandy herself and support her art. Get the details here.)

At the bottom of his ePlea, Jeff asked subscribers:

What’s something you’re being stingy with that you need to let people steal?

Yummy food for thought as I prepare to launch my own manifesto-in-action: What’s My (He)artwork? A 10-Day Action Diary For Awesomepreneurs. (Sign up to get your free copy on December 3rd. You don’t have to steal it. I’m giving it to you!)

Online entrepreneurs often encourage each other to package and patent each and every tiny morsel of knowledge we possess. These days, anyone can call themselves an “expert,” then sell the rights to bask in their supposed genius. (Hence, the rise of the self-proclaimed life/business/money/success coach.) The idea is, password protect your wisdom and people will pay for it.

But I’ve always been skeptical of Get Credibility Quick! schemes, which is why I’m pointing you to thought leaders like Jeff Goins, who only sells his absolute best stuff, instead of putting a price tag on his every emerging thought.

My upcoming eBook is a Choose Your Own Adventure type read. I bring the writing prompts, exercises, and activities, you bring your awesomeness. Thanks to stealing from Jeff, today, I realize that What’s My (He)artwork? needs its very own Awesomepreneurship manifesto, too. So I’m borrowing a bit of Jeff’s manifesto mojo to ask you: what would you include in The Awesomepreneur’s Manifesto if you were writing it? (Really, I’m begging for your input here. But don’t be surprised if I steal a lil’ bit of your wisdom and put it in print. You can always steal it right back from me when I publish the final manifesto–for free, of course–in a few weeks.)

Need to borrow some inspiration? Here are a few more manifestos I like:

What borrowed wisdom would you lend to a manifesto for awesomepreneurs? Leave me a comment and maybe you’ll find yourself in the Awesomepreneurship Manifesto next month!

Tip #28 for working with heart – beg, borrow, steal…then write your manifesto.

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